Germany Euro 2024 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Update: Based on the Footy Headlines’ leaked images, graphic designer @NatoDesigns has created fantastic mock-ups of Germany’s Euro 2024 home and away kits. His mock-ups show how the authentic “Heat.Rdy” versions of the kit will look. For the home kit, the DFB pattern is added on the fabric.

We can leak the first real photo of the new Germany Euro 2024 home jersey. Adidas makes the Germany 2024 home kit, of course.

The Euro 2024 kit is taking place in Germany – the Adidas 2024 national teams are a nod to the Germany 2006 World Cup.

The Adidas Germany 2024 home football shirt has a modern and outstanding design. It is, of course, mainly white. Adidas combines the Adidas DFB Euro 2024 home shirt with a black Adidas logo and, more interestingly, the tricolor of Germany’s flag.

The sleeves come in the tricolor gradient of the German flag, with white Three Stripes over it and a 1994 World Cup kit-inspired effect. This creates a spectacular look.

On the front of the Germany Euro 2024 home kit is a pattern made up of the DFB logo. This is also inspired by the 1994 World Cup home kit.

The Adidas Germany 2024 home shirt will be available from March 2024, retailing at 100 Euro (replica)/(140-150 Euro (authentic).

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