Next-Gen Nike Phantom 2024 Boots Leaked

Footy Headlines has the latest leaked images of the next-gen Nike Phantom boot – possibly called the Nike Phantom GX 2.

We’ve got news and images of the next generation of Nike Phantom boots, due to be released in early 2024.

Please be aware that all images of these next-generation Nike Phantom boots are fakes based on the real thing. So while we still get a look at the Nike Phantom 2024 boots, the official Nike celats will have a better quality.

Next-gen Nike Phantom 2024

The next-gen Nike Phantom 2024 football boots have a new design with a two-half format; the front part is one color and the back part is another color. This is reminiscent of the classic ‘Clash Collection’ that Nike released for EURO 2012.

The next-gen Nike Phantom 2024 boots have a sole that retains the structure of the Nike Phantom Luna boot. The upper still has the same lines as the Nike Phantom Luna.

The upper of the next-gen Nike Phantom 2024 has swirls similar to the Nike Phantom GX shoe.

It’s odd how everything makes you think this is the next-gen Nike Phantom Luna, but the heel says ‘Phantom GX’.

This makes it unclear whether this is the next-gen Nike Phantom GX or the next-gen Nike Phantom Luna.

Marcos Alonso and Ruben Dias were spotted wearing the prototype next-gen Nike Phantom whiteout boots Thanks to BootsClub for this photo.

The next-generation Nike Phantom Lune II & GX II football boots will be launched in January/February 2024.

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