No More Grand Sport – Jogarbola Vietnam 2024 Home & Away Kits Released

With the message “Vietnam Spirit”, Jogarbola yesterday launched the Vietnam 2024 home and away kits, replacing the Grand Sport. They are made by Jogarbola and will be worn in the 2023 Asian Cup.

Vietnam 2024 Home Kit

Check out Jogarbola’s Vietnam 2024 home shirt below.

The Jogarbola Vietnam 2024 home shirt features the traditional red main color combined with white accents. The front of the shirt features a pattern of a Lạc bird – is a mythical creature in Vietnamese culture and a national bird of Vietnam (typical motifs on Dong Son bronze drums) and a five-pointed star on the Vietnamese flag, creating a relatively unique front of shirt.

The collar is white with a red stripe down the middle, while the sleeve cuffs are red with white stripes.

Red shorts and socks round off the look of the new Vietnam 2024 home strip by Jogarbola.

Vietnam 2024 Away Kit

This is the new Jogarbola Vietnam away shirt for 2024.

The Jogarbola Vietnam 2024 away football shirt is a reverse colorway of their 2024 home kit, with the main color being white combined with red accents. The Jogarbola Vietnam 2024 away shirt design is identical to their 2024 home kit.

White shorts and socks round off the look of the new Vietnam 2024 away strip by Jogarbola.

Vietnam 2024 Collection

In addition to the 2024 home and away kits, Jogarbola has also launched the Vietnam 2024 collection, which includes polo shirt and anthem jacket with identical designs to the 2024 kits. The Vietnam 2024 collection features blue as the main color and beige-yellow stripes on the collar and cuffs.

Are you a fan of the Vietnam home and away jerseys by Jogarbola? Comment below.

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