Paying tribute to one of the club’s greatest legends, adidas and Arsenal have collaborated with Ian Wright to launch new collection. It features a pre-match jersey and reversible anthem jacket, detailing memories and moments from Wright’s Arsenal career, and both the men’s and women’s team will wear it ahead of their games this weekend.

Few players hold a relationship as special as that of Ian Wright and Arsenal. The former Gunner is Arsenal through and through, and to celebrate his career and in honour of his 60th birthday last month, adidas and the North London club have released a special collection created in collaboration and with creative input from the man himself. The pieces feature some of his best moments and memories from his Arsenal past, designed with unique hand-drawn illustrations.

The predominantly black and white range includes a short and long-sleeved pre-match jersey, a reversible anthem jacket, and a cross-body shoulder bag. The design features a patchwork, hand-drawn illustration effect with a variety of squares inspired by Wright’s vibrant personality, the history of his life, people who are close to him and a selection of his favourite memories  from his career, while the black and white is embellished by golden accents in the form of the club crest and branding.

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Speaking of the collection, Wright said: “Turning 60 last month made me reflect a lot on what I’ve done so far, my time at Arsenal and the very special people I’ve worked with. So to work with adidas and Arsenal on this range that represents some of my biggest career moments is really special. I hope people feel the love in this collection as much as I do.

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Inigo Turner, head of design at adidas, said: “Ian has had a hugely successful career with Arsenal, with many memories and moments, and so to mark his 60th birthday, we were keen to capture some of those occasions through innovative hand-drawn illustrations. We looked back at many of the moments on and off the pitch, and have created a jersey, jacket and bag which we believe really embodies Ian’s style. The black and white patchwork effect takes inspiration from some of his style choices from the 90s, and the pops of gold represent his Golden Boot award he received in 1992, and his iconic gold tooth.

“The range was made in total collaboration with Ian, who had a real input into the design process, and it was a pleasure working with him.

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The collection will be worn by both the men’s and women’s team from tomorrow, 2 December when Arsenal’s men’s team will warm up in the jersey and walk out in the jacket ahead of their home Premier League game against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Arsenal Women will first wear the range in their upcoming WSL match against Chelsea, also at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday 10 December. Both teams will continue to wear the range for the remainder of the season.

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