Euro 2024 Kits Overview – All Leaked Shirts & Info

Update: We have updated our Euro 2024 Kits Overview with all leaks and info. All Euro 2024 kits will be launched in March and April 2024.

UEFA Euro 2024 Kits Overview

⚠ = prediction only – no full leak

Team Brand Home Away
Belgium Adidas

France Nike

England Nike

Portugal Nike

Netherlands Nike

Germany Adidas

Italy Adidas

Spain Adidas

Scotland Adidas

No information
Turkey Nike

Switzerland Puma

Czech Republic Puma No information

Hungary Adidas likely No information No information
Albania Macron No information No information
Serbia New Supplier No information No information
Croatia Nike No information No information
Slovenia Nike No information No information
Denmark Hummel No information No information
Austria Puma No information No information
Slovakia Nike No information No information
Romania Joma No information No information

The big brands dominate the UEFA Euro 2024 kits battle. There have been no major brand switches since the 2022 World Cup. Portugal will be only switching to Puma in 2025.

Euro 2024 Kit Battle

All UEFA Euro 2024 kits will be released in the spring of 2024. Adidas have said goodbye to releasing the national team home kits already in the fall before the tournament, and Puma have followed. Nike have been releasing their new national team kits shortly (3-4 months in advance) ever since.

2006 vibes by Adidas, Bespoke looks by Nike, All-Over Graphics by Puma

Adidas bring back Germany 2006 World Cup Teamgeist vibes for the Germany Euro 2024, while Nike come up with bespoke and quite different looks for each country.

Puma, we have heard, will use many all-over graphics with their 2024 national team kits.

Belgium Euro 2024 Home Kit

The new Belgium Euro 2024 shirt introduces a big change to the team’s previous home shirts. Instead of a bright red, Belgium’s 2024 shirt is mainly maroon. Officially, the color of the new Belgium 2024 home shirt is “Team College Burgundy”. This color has been already used very often by Adidas for teams like Nürnberg and Atlanta United.

Belgium 2024 Away Kit

The new Adidas Belgium 2024 away football jersey pays tribute to Tintin and his famous outfit. The Adidas Belgium 2024 away kit is predominantly blue metallic silver logos and white applications.

France Euro 2024 Home Kit

The Nike France 2024 home football shirt builds on the anthem jacket. It comes with France’s royal blue, combined with the red-white-blue tricolor. What will stand out is the recolored France logo.

France Euro 2024 Away Kit

The Nike France Euro 2024 away shirt combines a white base with a striking royal blue. There is no red – the color two is even mentioned twice. Officially, the blue color is called “Bright Blue”.

England Euro 2024 Home Kit

The Nike England Euro 2024 home shirt is a heavy change to the previous Nike England home shirts. The Nike England 2024 football shirt combines the country’s classic white with a dark navy, plus maroon/light red detailing.

Nike England Euro 2024 Away Kit

The Nike England Euro 2024 away kit features a dark pale maroon, called “Dark Raisin”, combined with “Sesame” for the logos, which is a goldish color shade.

Portugal Euro 2024 Home Kit

The Nike Portugal Euro 2024 home jersey features classic shirt colors of the country. It is mainly red, combined with green and a light beige.

Portugal Euro 2024 Away Kit

The Nike Portugal 2024 away shirt boasts a design closely connected to Portugal’s history. The kit features an all-over graphic with an Azulejo-style pattern that has a grungy effect to it.

Netherlands 2024 Home Kit

The Nike Netherlands 2024 home jersey is set to be mainly “Safety Orange”, combined with a shade of navy called “Blue Void”. A third color will also appear in the form of “Copa”, a teal/turquoise color.

Netherlands 2024 Away Kit

The Nike Netherlands 2024 away jersey is set to be mainly navy (‘Blue Void’), with the secondary colors being orange, turquoise and white. This is similar to the color palette of the upcoming Netherlands home kit.

Germany 2024 Home Kit

No final leak

Germany 2024 Away Kit

No final leak

Adidas Italy 2024 Home Kit

The Adidas Italy 2024 home jersey features a combination of blue and white with tricolor Three Stripes, which is the most remarkable feature of the kit.

Italy 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Italy 2024 away jersey combines a white base with blue logos. What let the Adidas Italy 2024 away jersey stand out are the panels on both sides.

Spain 2024 Home Kit Info

The Adidas Spain 2024 home kit has a striking look that lets the Adidas 2024 template stand out. It combines a saturated red with a saturated yellow for all logos and applications.

Spain 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Spain 2024 away jersey has a fresh and unusual color combo. It is mainly Pale Neon Yellow. Officially, the color name of the Adidas Spain 2024 away football shirt is “Pulse Yellow”.

Scotland 2024 Home Kit

Turkey Euro 2024 Home Kit

The Nike Turkey Euro 2024 home shirt has a very classic design, possibly inspired by the 1928 shirt.

Turkey Euro 2024 Away Kit

The Nike Turkey Euro 2024 away shirt combines a standard red with a darker red for applications and white logos.

Do you like what is known about the UEFA Euro 2024 kits so far? Which kit do you look forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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