Adidas Elite Team 2024-25 Goalkeeper Kit – All Colorways

Update: Adidas has officially released the 2024 goalkeeper kits for several MLS 2024 teams.

The Adidas GK MLS 2024 kits retail at 120 USD.


Update: The Adidas 2024-2025 goalkeeper football kit is already being debuted around the globe. What is possibly most interesting is the odd collar – Sporting Cristal keeper Alejandro Duarte cut off the collar of the new Adidas Tiro 24 goalkeeper jersey.

Black & Team Green Colorways

Alejandro Duarte Cuts Off Collar of New Adidas Tiro 24 Goalkeeper Football Kit

Update: We can leak better pics of five of the seven colorways of the Adidas Goalkeeper 2024 Keeper Kit. They are set to be released in February 2024. The Adidas Tiro 24 Goalkeeper Kit will be used for all Adidas 2024 international kits and the 24-25 season club kits.

Update: Shortly ahead of the official launch, we can leak all colorways of the Adidas Tiro 2024 Goalkeeper Kit. It will be used for all Adidas 2024 international kits and the 24-25 season club kits. However, we will likely already see a debut with the 2024 MLS kits.

We can leak product images of the Adidas goalkeeper kit for Euro 2024 and the next 2024-25 season. It will be used by all elite Adidas teams nad probably also most other Adidas clubs. It’s called the Tiro 24 Competition GK, the successor to the popular Tiro 23 Competition GK, and will be released in early 2024.

Aside from the design, what is remarkable is the size of the Adidas logo. Adidas introduce an enlarged logo for 2024 and beyond.

Adidas Tiro 24 Competition Goalkeeper Template

This picture shows the Adidas 2024 Euro and 24-25 goalkeeper kits.

The new Adidas Tiro 24 Competition Goalkeeper kit comes in at least five main colors: blue, yellow, red, pink and green (no pictures of the green version yet). Horizontal stripes and square dots create a unique design on the front of the shirt, inspired by the bold kits of the 1990s.



Semi Blue Burst/Team Royal Blue

Team Real Magenta/Wonder Quartz

Red/Team Royal

Semi Solar Yellow



Black/Semi Solar Yellow

Adidas GK Tiro 23 Competition vs Tiro 24 Competition

Nike 24-25 Goalkeeper Kit vs Adidas 24-25 Goalkeeper Kit

The Adidas GK Tiro 24 Competition 2024-25 kit retails at 60 USD.


Are you a fan of the brand-new Adidas Tiro 24 Competition GK kit template for the next season? Drop us a line below.

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